For a Secure Local Tunnel Try Ngrok

Have you ever needed to show your progress to a client, but didn’t want to push to a staging/test environment? I know I have. Passing the minimum three arguments on the command line can expose a local environment in seconds with Ngrok.

We found ourselves in a situation in which our dev/test environments bottle necked our progress. Ngrok created the possibilities to use our local-host to test and work the bugs out on a specific device.

Quick setup guide for testing local code on external devices

  1. Download the application
  2. Install $unzip /path/to/
  3. Personally I like ngrok in my home directory
  4. Test install $./ngrock -help
  5. If localhost:3000 is my local server then type $ ./ngrok http 3000 to launch ngrok.
  6. Initial stats will show you how to access http/https address. Also you can watch your servers head/stats by going to

Explore more possiblities visit ngrok docs.

Bash Argument Examples

Custom subdomain names
ngrok http -subdomain=yourcoolsite 80

Set a password
ngrok http -auth="username:password" 8080

Rewrite Headers
ngrok http -host-header=rewrite yourcoolsite:80

Useful Combo
ngrok http -subdomain=local-host -host-header=rewrite

Check out this video which helped sell me on the idea of giving it a try.