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Please drag bookmarklet below to your toolbar


Hello IE11 and below user, follow these instructions

IE11 and IE10:
  1. Right click the link below and select add to favorites and create in Favorites Bar
  2. It will ask you where you would like to place the new bookmark and select the favorites toolbar
  3. If you don't see the bookmarklet at the top; right click a blank space of the browser toolbar and click add Favorites Bar
IE9 and below:
  1. Right click a blank space of the browser toolbar and click add Favorites Bar
  2. Drag the button into the favorites toolbar


I'm sorry but the browser you're using does not support Bookmarklets very easily. In order to use them you'll need to edit files deep inside IE to do so. This fact goes against the idea of a quick and easy tool. If your're using this for bug testing use the copy button above and revise the url. Here is a link that shows you how to add this bookmarklet to IE Edge if you would like to continue on

When you get to the section requiring you to add a custom url the following code will activate the bookmarklet.

        javascript: function loadScript(scriptURL) {
            var scriptElem = document.createElement('SCRIPT');
            scriptElem.setAttribute('language', 'JavaScript');
            scriptElem.setAttribute('src', scriptURL);
            document.body.appendChild(scriptElem); }