Caribou Perks Website

Caribou Perks

My first project with Horizontal Integration. Caribou is often changing their look and feel. We had an awesome oportunity to updated their perks section. My first time using HI's Hive build system, which was really fun and powerful. Go over and peep the web app we made. Proud of how well this project turned out.

Celadon Wealth Responsive Website

Tyson Crockett Photographer

Tyson is a friend of mine that was not happy with the template website cluttering of the modern web. We looked at wordpress/cloud cannon/squarespace and security/none developer friendly/customizable pushed us in the direction we ended up taking. He needed a simple minimal website that shows his work. The site speaks for itself and frames his amazing photography front and center.

Looksee Chrome Extension for debugging css using borders on the fly


I made a Chrome Extension for debugging layout on the fly. All you need to do is add a class, id, or selector. Concat them with a coma. It uses the power of sizzle syntax found in jQuery. Additionally you can apply a shader as well. This gives you a little peek as to how elements are layering in your window. The chrome extension is constently changing. Give it a shot! I would love your feedback. If you would like to contribute, here is the repo.

Celadon Wealth Responsive Website

Celadon Managed Wealth

Celadon has been with Hellmoon for sometime now. We gave the site a small face lift to make the previous design mobile friendly. Rebuilt the site using Hellomoon's typography centric less system. My biggest take away was learning the power of inline-block.

Newell Rubbermaid Animated Responsive Website

Newell Rubbermaid

This was a really fun challenge, and my first project with Hellomoon. The site is fully responsive with plenty of animation, which works perfectly in all screen sizes. First time using and green sock. Two completely awesome javascript libraries.

levolor blinds ecommerce responsive website


Entered the project right after launch. Big focus on browser compatibility including specific android versions. Launched tablet version of the site for Lowes kiosk display. This project is currently still in progress.

sleepnumber beds ecommerce responsive website

Sleep Number

Was one of two front end developers working to maintain the code base. Started out as a contractor and was hired on within 6 months. First big role with the company was to help facilitate Hybris enterprise CMS integration. Second big project was the redesign. We made a fully responsive ecommerce site using Yeogurt templating system. Introduced Trello to better organize our agile and diverse digital marketing team.

sublime text plugin for impex files

Device Info IO

Device Info IO are a few tools I created to help fellow web developers and clients communicate about devices for accurete bug tracking. It started out as a bookmarklet and instructions on how to install them on all your devices. The company I currently work for relies heavily on browserstack. My bookmarklet is not easily installed in that environment, so I made a chrome extension that pulls the same data and copies it to your clipboard for easy use.

simple note taker

Simple Note Taker

Often I create small personal projects. One such project is a simple note taker, which I made to be mobile friendly. Built the app to be minimal and simple. The first section with a plus sign is going to be the file name. The gray section is the body of your note. Once you're done typing the save button will prompt.