Hey there! Thanks for stopping by. Allow me to tell you a little about myself. Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am 100% self taught so I code a lot during my free time. Besides coding I like to skateboard and bike everywhere all year round. Main purpose of this site is to organize my thoughts about web development. Show my work and to flex my self expression muscle.

Nerd Stuff

  • This site fist launched in 2011. Originally it was artisnally written in html, css, and javascript. A few other formations occured using Wordpress, Jekyll, and now Svelte.
  • My IDE of choice is Visual Studio Code. Before VS Code I was a Sublime Text guy.
  • Favorite theme is Material Design
  • Hosted my sites at Media Temple forever but now I enjoy the pain of Amazon Web Services. And no I didn't use Amplify. Cobbled everything together myself.
  • I love unix!
  • Version Controlled with git.


One of the reasons I love web development is the ability to listen to music all day long. Here are some bands and songs I am currently listening to.


I don't often tweet myself but I do retweet things I find interesting.